DAY 53 of 365

[OLD] 2.23.12

March or bust?!

I am obviously already looking past February.  It has been a miserable month for my progress.  Posts to the blog have been sporadic.  Workouts even more scarce.  If it weren’t for my eating clean 90% of the week, I would have nothing at all.  And yet, considering nutrition is 80% of the battle (if not more), I have continued to drop weight.

This week has been more of the same.  After a killer workout last week left me mostly incapacitated, I set a goal of hitting the program hard this week with three sessions in the weight room.  Sunday came and went.  I was willing, but my body had not healed enough to walk, let alone tear up my muscles even more.  Monday came.  Monday went.  I was finally up to the task of working out, but overwhelmed with life.  Everything fell apart for me from the moment I woke up.  I spent the day putting out all the fires.  It wore me out.  It started with the post office being closed when I absolutely NEEDED to send a few time-sensitive things out.  Ended up at Western Union working out the details instead.  Ugh.  Then Candy had a flat tire that we had zero money to fix (but had to nonetheless).  A few more similar excuses things popped up, and I just didn’t have it in me after dinner.

Tuesday was spent packing and preparing for the upcoming trip to Dallas this weekend (more later).  Reservations, tickets, laundry, cleaning the house, etc.  Now my wife will eventually read this (maybe!), so I should be honest in that she did 90% of the actual cleaning and house prep.  I did do some, however, but mostly more of the running around stuff.  With a running club race right after school and cheer practice after that, the gym wasn’t happening on Tuesday either.

That brings us to today.  Whew.  Well, I had already discovered last week what a mistake it was to put that much time between workouts.  The beginner’s DOMS hit me hard and kept me from hitting my stride last week.  As such, I knew that I HAD to get to the gym today.  And so, at 10:30PM, I headed out.  Big mistake.

Tonight was the worst workout I have had in a while.  Zero energy.  I ended up completing only half of it before crawling out the door with my tail between my legs.  I just couldn’t white knuckle it tonight.  It was not the brutal workout I needed, but still something.  A few deadlifts, presses, split squats and pulls.

I used to be able to pull off late night gym sessions.  As I approach 40 this summer, it just isn’t in me anymore.  Lesson learned (hopefully!).

So this weekend should be another interesting test.  We head off to Dallas to experience NCA’s for another year.  The absolute best cheer weekend I could ever dream up.  I am a BIG FAN!  800+ teams, 17,000+ cheerleaders, 35,000+ spectators.  It will be insane.  And, just like our last trip to Palm Springs, there will be no home cooked and measured meals.  I need to be better than I was just a few weeks ago.  I allowed a fun weekend to turn into two weeks off and a five pound weight gain.  That can’t happen.

Of course I will probably let loose a bit.  It is simply too restrictive to demand healthy alternatives when the city will be crawling with people, the restaurants jammed, and most of our meals spent in the convention center.  I won’t promise I will hit the hotel gym every night, but I would like to think that I will give it a shot one or two nights I am away.

Bottom line.  I don’t mind a few days off program.  I absolutely MUST get back on track when I come home Monday night.  There can be no week long cheer hangover.


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