DAY 48 / DAY 49 out of 365

[OLD] 2.19.12

DAY 48

TGIF.  I wanted so badly to hit the gym.  Sadly, I was in such a ridiculous amount of pain that I could hardly get out of my chair most of the day.  The only reason I did even that was to prevent my legs from growing roots and freezing up altogether.  Not a good day.  I ate well, but no workouts to be spoken of.  Not much movement at all, in fact.  I can only do as much as my body allows.

DAY 49

Still not fully recuperated, I spent most of today stretching out my hamstrings hoping to still get in a late night treadmill session.  It took every bit of the day, but I finally made it onto the treadmill just after midnight.  Not exactly how I saw the weekend playing out to this point, but ehhh, I’m working on it.

Intervals were both good and bad.  I was soooo slow and lumbering, but I was able to push myself albeit at much lower speeds.  I went after it old school tonight, with Du Hast (Rammstein) and Head Like a Hole (Nine Inch Nails) blasting in my ears.  When all was said and done, I brought it tonight.  I actually feel GREAT right now, basking in the post-interval glow at 1AM.

Another weigh-in tomorrow.  The week consisted of one brutal weight lifting session and one interval workout.  That’s it.  I did, however, eat almost perfectly all week and still expect magic numbers in the morning.  I won’t be happy unless I drop at least 4 pounds (and kind of nervous about it too).

For that to happen, though, I need sleep.  I’ll be out in 10 minutes.

Interesting week coming up…  more about that later.


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