[OLD] 2.16.12

So the gym this afternoon was brutal!

Apparently, just two weeks away from the weight room was enough to force my body to re-enact the awful beginner’s soreness that I thought was already behind me.


I started the next phase of my workout plan today.  After completing four weeks of the break-in phase, I have moved to the FAT LOSS I stage for the next 6 weeks.  My body simply wasn’t able to comprehend what was about to happen to it.  [Ugh.]

I had been doing 2 sets of 5 different exercises twice a week.  The new regimen requires 3 sets of 6 exercises THREE times a week.  My load just increased from 20 sets a week to 54 sets per week.  It was insane.  Same basic exercises, squats, lunges, deadlifts, rows, etc.  Just now being done to exhaustion.  And that is no joke.  I wasn’t able to complete my last set of lunges (using only bodyweight!).  My hamstrings were shaking so hard, had I taken one more step I really think I would have ended on the floor.  No, seriously!  I had to let several people pass me on the stairs heading out because I was moving so slowwwww.  Each step felt like the last one before my stumble down to the bottom.

Tomorrow should be fun.  Woohoo (not)!  I doubt I get much done in the way of cardio, but I intend to walk quite a bit and stretch out these leg muscles.  I guess it’s time to strap the pedometer back on.  10K steps will be no joke in my current state.  I’d settle for half that right now.


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